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Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie | Lexx - Grand Hyatt

Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie | Lexx - Grand Hyatt
Tuesdays – Saturdays from 5pm
Packages from AED 125 per person
Bottles of wine from AED 75

There is just something about wine, cheese and charcuterie that makes me feel fancy and Lexx really took it up a notch for me on Tuesday night. It was my first visit to Lexx and everything about the evening was quality, from the food to the service and the music.  Yes, the music! The music had us singing along (everything from Taylor Swift to Bon Jovi) all evening.
This experience is perfect for any night of the week as you can choose what size pour you would like.  They offer 3 taster glasses of wine (50ml x 3), 3 moderate glasses of wine (100ml x 3), or 3 full glasses of wine (150ml x 3). You can also choose if you would like only cheese, only meat or a mix of both. If you finish your wine and feel like more, they offer bottles of wine for AED 75, AED 80, AED 95, and upwards. It’s a HUGE bargain! These prices are not only for those who enjoy the cheese/charcuterie; these great prices are on every night.
The selection of cheese was on point. There was a nice variety of soft, hard, and semi-firm cheeses. I’m a sucker for a good gouda  and the Old Amsterdam had little 'air bubbles' with salt crystals that I love so much! There was a pungent goat’s cheese - St. Maure, a creamy brie, a mild provolone, and a wedge of fourme d'ambert, a bright tasting blue cheese from France. The charcuterie is halal, and it’s very good especially the spicy pancetta, soppressata, and the chorizo. The accompaniments on the platter were so yummy. Confit garlic cloves (so good!), pickled pearl onions, quince paste, walnuts, fig chutney, and more. It was plenty of food for the two of us.
The wine selection was a glass of chardonnay from South Africa, a glass of rosé from Argentina, and a merlot from Chile. All of the wines were very good and paired nicely with the flavours on the boards. 
Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie packages range from AED 125-175 per person depending on how large of a pour you would like. Bottles of wine from AED 75. Don’t miss this! If it’s cool enough to sit on the terrace the views of Emirates Palace are unlike any I have seen. Spectacular!
Bookings: 02 510 1234


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