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Wine and Cheese at The Boundary

Thursdays, AED165

5-9pm, choose your 2 hour slot

We all love The Boundary for its great breakfast deal, but this wine and cheese, while out of left field, is a really nice way to while away your Thursday evening.

The board

I have to admit to being surprised when the board came out, just how generous it was in comparison to others of its kind and how appetising it looked. While there are maybe four different kinds of cheese, it's also pretty much a charcuterie board with some fruit, (oh the pairing of plump raspberries with Brie!) nuts and some glorious jam thrown in for good measure - actually, it was brimming over with tempting deliciousness.

We hadn't intended to eat much, to be honest, and yet, before long we realised that we'd stealthily picked away at it and had pretty much stripped the board bare ... in fact, even the friend who said 'no, no thank you, I'm not eating tonight' gave in and picked up a couple of apricots and grapes and a wodge of cheese on a corner of baguette. We were offered a carbs top-up when it looked like we'd exhausted the toasted baguette and crackers and by the end of this little adventure into cheese and charcuterie, were pleasantly full! How great: light food, heavy chat and a couple of glasses to go with it! Surely it doesn't get better than that?!

The wine

We were offered a selection of 3 reds and 3 whites to choose from and my wine-loving friends enjoyed both, with the red possibly nosing ahead. It's unlimited for 2 hours.

Where to eat?

You have options! You can either take your board outside and enjoy it while the sun sets and the lights twinkle on around you (we did!), or you can have it in the bar while watching some sport, or in the cafe for something more intimate.

It's also worth noting that you can order the board without the deal any day (but do ask in advance) ... and I will certainly order it again to share with friends while the girls play netball and we put the world to rights. It's that kind of an experience.

You should definitely book so they have everything they need fresh to make your experience perfect. Call 050 603 7838!


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