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We first discovered momos on The Great Hidden Gems Scavenger Hunt and quite frankly we’ve been hooked ever since! Are you a momo-fanatic and a real deal momo lover like us? You’re going to love the momos at ‘Momo’s!’. I’ll even dare say, these are hands down the best momos we’ve tried in Abu Dhabi! If you haven’t heard of momos before, they’re a filled dumpling that is commonly eaten as ‘street food’ in Nepal. The fillings can range from meat, seafood and vegetables.

Now onto the good stuff, the momos arrived piping hot and came with 7 different flavours! They came in two variations, some were steamed and the others were fried and tossed in a delicious gravy sauce. They were all handmade, beautifully pleated and wrapped! With every bite, we really felt the love that was put into making these! Now you can’t have momos without the sauce. Oh, the special spicy chutney s-a-u-c-e, really complemented the momos so well!

Steamed Momos: The seafood momo reminded me of a Nepalese version of a har-gow, there was no skimping on the shrimp, it was really delightful and flavoursome. We generally do not eat vegetarian, but the soya bean momo took us for a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t overly stuffed with soybeans, but rather had a good variety of vegetables blended into the filling. Our favourite steamed momo was the cheese and chicken. Wow, what a unique blend of elements and flavour. The combination of the cheese was not at all overpowering, in fact, it really enhanced the flavours within the momo.

Fried Momos: Now if you’re a big spice lover like us, we recommend ordering the beef momo, it gave us a good nose-dripping kick! As there was already a generous spicy sauce tossed onto the momo, we didn’t feel it was necessary to dip into the chutney sauce. If you like a balance between sweet and sour, you’ll love the chicken momo! The momo is fried and coated in a sweet and sour sauce with bell peppers. Next, we tried the vegetable momo with Manchurian sauce (vegetable gravy). There was a good spice level with a nice mix of vegetables infused. Eating this made us feel less guilty for indulging in too much meat and not enough vegetables. Last but not least, we tried the paneer (Indian cottage cheese) momo. This one was the only one that wasn’t tossed in a gravy sauce. We were pleased that this was surprisingly not too heavy, but rather, quite light and flavourful.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our momos, they were juicy, succulent and really full of flavour! It was hard to choose, but our top three momo picks are the steamed cheese and chicken, the fried beef (if you like a good spice kick!) and the steamed seafood momo.

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