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Chamas x Cho Gao | Saturday Duo Brunch

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The tagline ‘Double the Vibes, Double the Sensation’ really did fit this newly launched brunch so well. Split between the two restaurants, experiencing both the best of Cho Gao and the Chamas churrascaria, was a Saturday well spent!

AED 249 soft, AED 349 with house beverages

CHAMAS: We chose to sit in Chamas to get more of the meat action. And really, there is only one word to describe the meats: OUTSTANDING. Served Churrasco style, the many cuts of meat are brought around on skewers and are carved at your table, according to which side/piece/temperature level you prefer. There was roast beef, ribs, leg of lamb, chicken drumsticks, sausages, to name just a few! All of them were cooked beautifully with deep, smoky flavours. And while the meats are great, don’t miss the lip-smacking caramelized cinnamon Grilled Pineapple. Interacting with the ‘meat guys’ is just such a great experience from beginning to end – they are so passionate about their food and are always excited for you to try what they bring – you can’t say no even when you’re bursting out your jeans! There was also a selection of salads and seafood including oysters, mussels, shrimp, and crab.

CHO GAO: The best of Cho Gao was brought to brunch including sushi, dumplings, roast chicken, curry, and a selection of bites. As usual, the sushi and sashimi was beautifully prepared with over 8 different options. As it's probably my favourite dish at Cho Gao, I was super excited that the Beef Masaman curry was served in the mains selection along with the Nasi Goreng Kampung, thick Shrimp Yakisoba noodles and Kung Pao Chicken. The dumplings included tasty Chicken Siew Mai and the Prawn Har Gao and even a soft and fluffy Chocolate Bao. There were little individually portioned plates of sides including spring rolls, shrimp tempura, beef satay and spicy chicken wings.

DRINKS AND DESSERT: The desserts are stationed in Cho Gao so if you want to be close to the sweets, make sure to reserve your spot over on that side, they were gobbled up quick! Luckily there were still some churros and a flowing white chocolate fountain and we managed to taste the Brazilian Bridgaderio (fudge balls) which were… amazeballs. The drinks menu had a selection of 5 different cocktails – the Caipirinha was especially refreshing for this hot summer day but there were also sweeter options and the signature Cho Gao Martini. Rocca dei Forti Prosecco was also available along with the house white or red wines.

This is a welcome addition to the very short list of Saturday brunches!

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