Food Truck Series at Hudayriyat

Food Truck Series at Hudayriyat

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Souvlaki Nation

Souvlaki! Huge servings! Piping hot and delicious! Don’t miss their best seller, the beef souvlaki wrap - the beef is marinated generously and pretty juicy! If you’re a bread lover, you’ll love their pita bread too - super soft and really complements the flavours of the souvlaki perfectly! If you’re worried about getting messy, try the platter - it’s a deconstructed version of the wrap and just as tasty!!

Koshari with Falafel

This was my first time trying Egyptian food and boy was I pleased! The Kushari plate from Kushari with Falafel is a musttt! A super generous portion with a whole lot of everything - and I mean, rice with lentils, pasta, spaghetti all mixed in a daka and spicy sauce! It was surprisingly well balanced and tasty! Their falafels are also supersized, fresh and pretty awesome too!


What isn’t there to love about baos, burgers and mac-and- cheese balls? MLT’s genius food creations are seriously mind-blowing! We enjoyed everythingggg! The MarMar Burger - a thick double-pattied melted cheese sandwich with all round yumminess! Ohhhh, but the beef and crispy Tempura shrimp baos were a showstopper - you won’t wanna miss those! The Mac Balls? Think of an arancini but mac and cheese - heavenly!

Le Patchouli

Summer’s here!!! Le Patchouli has some of the best drinks and desserts in Hudayriat! If iced coffee is your love language, the Le Patchouli is a must! We also loved the rose latte which has a great balance between coffee and rose sweetness, but the real winner is the Mango Ice Flex - similar to a Korean Bingsu, but with shaved ice cream and crushed biscuits!


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